Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Fairy Dust, Fairy Wisdom

"Laughter is timeless...Imagination has no age...and dreams are forever"

Friday, October 28, 2011

More or less

There are times when you feel that your legs can take you no further.

And the millions of steps that you took always seem to bring you back to where you started. And with each possession you possess, the heavier your steps becomes.

When you look around, you see countless others, like yourself, seeking that never-ending, always increasing desires yet never attaining the happiness that was meant to be.

When you look within, you know what you have is not what you need. Yet, ironically, you cant let it go.

Isn't experiencing nothingness the highest form of enlightenment?

Perhaps, the greatest fear in our minds is "What if letting go of everything doesnt bring you happiness and ends you up with truly nothing?"

Like what Lady V always say: "Sometimes, when it comes to fashion and life, more is truly more" - Something is better than nothing, right?

Afterall, short intermissions of happiness (through material possessions, lust and delusional fantasies) over a lifetime of suffering, could still be considered a sweet victory and a tolerable state of existence.

Maybe, what we can hope to achieve in our lifetime is compromised happiness, more or less.

the princess

Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Miracle

They say if you ask the Gods for something with all your heart and soul, your prayers will be heard and answered.

But as the days get brighter and the air feels warmer, the princess’ hope for the sight of falling snow diminishes day by day; much to the delight of the locals who had endured a tremendous amount of inconvenient snow for the past months.

I guess the Gods cant simply change the ways of nature just for a single person’s hope for a miracle; Although, I must say, it has been a pretty erratic weather pattern this year (substantiating the hope for my miracle with cold hard facts). After all, it is still winter.

One night, as the princess passes by at the heart of the city center in front of the grand opera theater, she saw thousands of balloons being released up towards the night sky.

Apparently, there had been a celebration or sorts that night.

Seeing the thousands of balloons floating up into the sky, dancing along with the blowing of the wind, and gradually diminishing until they were no bigger than specks of snow, the princess had an epiphany.

Maybe the Gods work in their own miraculous ways. Maybe you just need to look hard enough for the miracle. Maybe that’s why so many times, so many of us do not see our Miracles, because we have been ignoring them for so long.

Maybe this is it. This is my miracle. This is my sign.

The next morning, in the cab, on the way to work, sleepy as usual, the princess suddenly notices specks of snow falling onto the side window of the car. Looking up, the princess could not believe her own eyes, little specks of snow was falling out of nowhere from the sky onto everything below. It was a pretty sight.

“This really is it”, the princess says to herself; thanking the Gods and hoping the strength and courage to believe in miracles and to trust and follow my heart and soul.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moulin Rouge - Your Song

Today, the princess woke up from the bed, thinking she was Satine (aka Nicole Kidman) in Moulin Rouge.

The part (how can anyone forget this part right?) where she was trying to do her job in satisfying Ewan (thinking that he was a rich client) when suddenly he breaks into a poem and then a lovely love song.

Lol.One moment hilarious, one moment total saccharine sweetness.

And all day, all the princess can think in my mind was "Poetry?.... yes, yes, yes, this is what i want... naughty words....naughty..."

Perhaps, happiness is, truly, that perfect mix of a silly love song and, hmmm, a naughty poetry.

Or Maybe happiness is about throwing caution to the wind and, like Moulin Rouge's tagline "Believe In Truth, Beauty, Freedom, and above all things, Love."

Maybe all the happiness the princess needs right now is simply for someone to sing me my song (like Ewan to Nicole)

Love & Happy New Year.
Princess Satine

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mariah Carey - Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)

Somehow, Christmas is never quite the same (for the princess) without Mariah Carey singing in the background at this time of the year.

Missed you most (at Christmas time)

Every time the princess hears this song, she is reminded of all the dearest people whom had come into my life, filling it with so much amazing memories and turning it into such a beautiful place. And while, as life goes, we might have grown apart and away, the princess still misses them most (at Christmas time).

Because the love (& memories) will always remain even as the people might have already been long gone.

Just like, no matter how much ridicules and dismissive jokes about Mariah Carey these days, we can never really deny that gifted talent within her (that makes her one of the greatest singer/songwriter of our times).

Merry Christmas.

Princess P

Friday, December 17, 2010

RollerCoaster - EBTG

There is just something special about EBTG's songs.

The slow, light, smooth beats/Tracy's unique vocals/ beautiful lyrics. - the perfect combination.

Good on a weekend morning. Good on a chill-out day. Good on a day when you don't feel like doing anything at work. LOL.

Here's rollercoaster.

Saturday, December 04, 2010

Back to basics

In a year of so much dramas, it seems rather ironic that there is so little worthy to write about.

And as we, once again, begin to embrace the festivities that Christmas season brings, the princess cant help but to wonder:

"At this late stage of the year, and of our lives, have we reached a point of no return? Can one really go back to basics; to the simplicity of it all?"

As the princess begins admiring my christmas tree in the hallway for the first time today (having spent a simple peaceful & joyous day at the comfort of my own home); there seems to be a glimmer of hope.

Perhaps, it is indeed a timely moment to take a step back, move away from the bustle and hustle and get back to basics (of love, friendships and living) once again; by doing the quiet things that one had always known that will truly bring you inner-peaceful joy.

Maybe, like Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love, it is possible to leave everything behind, search for my balance and regain the very simplicity that keeps one strong and steadfast in life.

Right now, the princess can only sincerely pray (and indulge in alittle eating of course).

Love. Princess.